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Welcome To Redstone SF!

We are currently on hiatus, but we will continue to host the excellent stories we’ve had the good fortune to publish here at Redstone Science Fiction. To make our stories more easily accessible, we have linked to them here on the RSF front page. If you have not read them you are missing out, so get started! ~ Michael Ray

September 2012 – #28
Earthrise by Lavie Tidhar – Our Show Us a Better Way Contest Winner
My Heart is a Quadratic Equation by Shane Halbach

August 2012 – #27
The Man Who… by Simon Petrie
The Dorsal Wake by Danielle D.M. Gembala

July 2012 – #26
Skin Deep by Vylar Kaftan
We Can Remember It For You Retail by Mary E. Lowd

June 2012 – #25
Daddy’s Girl by Amy Sundberg
The Cold Beyond the Pools by Steven R. Stewart

May 2012 – #24
Imagine Cows on Mars by M. Bennardo
Into Place by Alter S. Reiss

April 2012 – #23
An Early Adoption by Rahul Kanakia
Men and Their Toy by Jacob A. Boyd

March 2012 – #22
I Will Love You Forever by Michaele Jordan
Steady State by Lynette Mejía

February 2012 – #21
White Lies by Thoraiya Dyer
Dragonfly Girl by Chuck Wilkerson

January 2012 – #20
Ice in Our Veins by Rhiannon Held
Motherhood by Christopher Miller
(This story contains adult themes and descriptions. Seriously.)

December 2011 – #19
The Hacker by Siobhan Shier
Time, Like Blood, on My Hands by Eric Del Carlo

November 2011 – #18
Passive Resistance by David Tallerman
On the Sabbath Day Be Ye Cleansed by Amanda C. Davis

October 2011 – #17
iTime by Ferrett Steinmetz
How We Fall by Andrew Knighton

September 2011 – #16
The Jenny by Cheryl Rydbom – Our Identity Crisis Contest Winner
The Day the Pod Landed by Jeff Cross

August 2011 – #15
Vaporware by Mishell Baker
Evoë! Evoë! by Rob Pritchard

July 2011 – #14
The Memory Gatherer by Morgan Dempsey
0wnz0red by Cory Doctorow

June 2011 – #13
An Infallible System of Roulette by Christopher Miller
Love and Anarchy and Science Fiction by Angela Ambroz

May 2011 – #12
Party, with Echoes by Patty Jansen
Zeno’s Arrow by R.L. Ferguson
Ask Not by Bonnie McDaniel

April 2011 – #11
Perfection by Jay Garmon
Brittlestar by Mike Barretta
Time’s Arrow by J. Chant

March 2011 – #10
The Hubbard Continuum by Lavie Tidhar
First Light by Patrick Lundrigan

February 2011 – #9
Like a Hawk in its Gyre by Philip Brewer
Fatherhood by Kristen Lee Knapp

January 2011 – #8
Bloodtech by Rhiannon Held
Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359? by Ken MacLeod

December 2010 – #7
Paradoxically Correct by Adam Colston
Looking the Lopai in the Eyes by Indrapramit Das

November 2010 – #6
Not Waving, Drowning by Cat Rambo
Wrestling with Alienation by Desmond Warzel

October 2010 – #5
Witness by Vylar Kaftan
His Master’s Voice by Hannu Rajaniemi

September 2010 – #4
Salt of the Earth by Mary Robinette Kowal
Lunar Voices (On the Solar Wind) by Nick Wood
Our Accessible Futures Contest Winner

August 2010 – #3
Death’s Flag is Never at Half-Mast by Rahul Kanakia
Memorial at Copernicus by Gray Rinehart

July 2010 – #2
Michelangelo’s Chisel by Christopher Miller
Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres by Ahmed A. Khan

June 2010 – #1
Raising Tom Chambers by Daniel Powell
Freefall by Peter Roberts