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Editor’s Note for Redstone Science Fiction #2

Welcome back to Redstone Science Fiction. Let’s get started.

In this month’s issue, we have two excellent stories for you. Michelangelo’s Chisel by Christopher Miller is a hallucinogenic story that overwhelms you from the beginning and does not let up. I could not help but think of Philip K. Dick when I read it. Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres by Ahmed A. Khan is an excellent piece of flash meta-fiction that we’re also excited to have the opportunity to publish.

We’re fortunate to have two more essays from our columnists Henry Cribbs and Sarah Einstein. Henry discusses the implications of the Kindle and E-Books for scifi and Sarah examines the pivotal role of setting when one is writing science fiction.

I got the opportunity to quiz acclaimed editor/writer Cat Rambo about Fantasy Magazine and about her own writing. Paul is putting together a great interview with one of the world’s top neurointerventional surgeons, Dr. J.J. ‘Buddy’ Connors, III.

We hope you find something you enjoy – Michael Ray

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