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September 2012 – #28
Earthrise by Lavie Tidhar – Our Show Us a Better Way Contest Winner
My Heart is a Quadratic Equation by Shane Halbach

August 2012 – #27
The Man Who… by Simon Petrie
The Dorsal Wake by Danielle D.M. Gembala

July 2012 – #26
Skin Deep by Vylar Kaftan
We Can Remember It For You Retail by Mary E. Lowd

June 2012 – #25
Daddy’s Girl by Amy Sundberg
The Cold Beyond the Pools by Steven R. Stewart

May 2012 – #24
Imagine Cows on Mars by M. Bennardo
Into Place by Alter S. Reiss

April 2012 – #23
An Early Adoption by Rahul Kanakia
Men and Their Toy by Jacob A. Boyd

March 2012 – #22
I Will Love You Forever by Michaele Jordan
Steady State by Lynette Mejía

February 2012 – #21
White Lies by Thoraiya Dyer
Dragonfly Girl by Chuck Wilkerson

January 2012 – #20
Ice in Our Veins by Rhiannon Held
Motherhood by Christopher Miller
(This story contains adult themes and descriptions. Seriously.)

December 2011 – #19
The Hacker by Siobhan Shier
Time, Like Blood, on My Hands by Eric Del Carlo

November 2011 – #18
Passive Resistance by David Tallerman
On the Sabbath Day Be Ye Cleansed by Amanda C. Davis

October 2011 – #17
iTime by Ferrett Steinmetz
How We Fall by Andrew Knighton

September 2011 – #16
The Jenny by Cheryl Rydbom – Our Identity Crisis Contest Winner
The Day the Pod Landed by Jeff Cross

August 2011 – #15
Vaporware by Mishell Baker
Evoë! Evoë! by Rob Pritchard

July 2011 – #14
The Memory Gatherer by Morgan Dempsey
0wnz0red by Cory Doctorow

June 2011 – #13
An Infallible System of Roulette by Christopher Miller
Love and Anarchy and Science Fiction by Angela Ambroz

May 2011 – #12
Party, with Echoes by Patty Jansen
Zeno’s Arrow by R.L. Ferguson
Ask Not by Bonnie McDaniel

April 2011 – #11
Perfection by Jay Garmon
Brittlestar by Mike Barretta
Time’s Arrow by J. Chant

March 2011 – #10
The Hubbard Continuum by Lavie Tidhar
First Light by Patrick Lundrigan

February 2011 – #9
Like a Hawk in its Gyre by Philip Brewer
Fatherhood by Kristen Lee Knapp

January 2011 – #8
Bloodtech by Rhiannon Held
Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359? by Ken MacLeod

December 2010 – #7
Paradoxically Correct by Adam Colston
Looking the Lopai in the Eyes by Indrapramit Das

November 2010 – #6
Not Waving, Drowning by Cat Rambo
Wrestling with Alienation by Desmond Warzel

October 2010 – #5
Witness by Vylar Kaftan
His Master’s Voice by Hannu Rajaniemi

September 2010 – #4
Salt of the Earth by Mary Robinette Kowal
Lunar Voices (On the Solar Wind) by Nick Wood
Our Accessible Futures Contest Winner

August 2010 – #3
Death’s Flag is Never at Half-Mast by Rahul Kanakia
Memorial at Copernicus by Gray Rinehart

July 2010 – #2
Michelangelo’s Chisel by Christopher Miller
Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres by Ahmed A. Khan

June 2010 – #1
Raising Tom Chambers by Daniel Powell
Freefall by Peter Roberts