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Editor’s Note – December 2010

Welcome to Issue #7 of Redstone Science Fiction.

Things have been going quite well for us. We’ve had the opportunity to publish some exciting science fiction and have become part of the growing wave of online markets that are printing quality speculative fiction and paying writers a professional rate for their work. Despite the increased competition we have received a substantial number of outstanding stories in the time that we have been accepting submissions. We have found several stories this month that we enjoy, probably more than we can publish. This has allowed us to pick the stories that pass muster with all of us and fit what we are trying to present – outstanding modern examples of science fiction.

This month we have two excellent stories for you. Adam Colston, who was among the winners of the 2010 Writers of the Future Competition, wrote “Paradoxically Correct” which we immediately knew we wanted for our December/Holiday issue. A time travel story that takes us back to the days of the New Testament. It’s an irreverent story that we think you will enjoy. Indrapramit Das’ flash fiction story, “Looking the Lopai in the Eyes“, examines the colonial experience through the eyes of a human colonial, returning to Earth as a diplomat and the emotional challenges that she must overcome.

The cyberpunk tradition in science fiction and its influence on our genre today is fertile ground for literary exploration & criticism. Here at RSF we are partial (of course) to short fiction and cyberpunk, so we convinced Henry Cribbs to examine two classic anthologies of the Cyberpunk Movement and tell us what he thinks and remind us of why these works were so important for our field in High-Tech Low-Life in Long-Lived Short-‘Shades.

We are fortunate to have an interview with a pioneer in the use of robots in the medical field, Dr. Harry Brown. Our publisher, Paul Clemons, had an opportunity to talk to Harry before he passed away and shares with us the physician’s candor and unique perspective on medical science and science fiction.

We are excited to bring you this issue of Redstone Science Fiction and hope you find something here that you’ll like.

Michael Ray
Redstone Science Fiction

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