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Editor’s Note – February 2011

It’s been a good month here at Redstone SF.

All that snow gave us a little glimpse of what a dystopian future might be like (and more time off to work on Redstone).

We get to publish two stories that we think you’ll really like. Both are very personal stories that consider what sort of future genetic engineering might bring. Like a Hawk in its Gyre by Philip Brewer is a subtle story that draws you into the world of its damaged protagonist, while Fatherhood by Kristen Lee Knapp is an over-the-top cyberpunk story that will send you looking for your mirrorshades. We were also able to talk a little with these authors and find out a little bit more about these guys for you – Philip and Kris.

We finally determined the stories we wanted to accept from the quality November submissions and are excited about the work we’re going to get to bring to Redstone. We’re also opening for submissions again for the first week of February and can’t wait to see what touches down in our inbox. We’ll update our progress through this month’s submissions at http://redstonesciencefiction.com/status/.

I got a chance to send a few questions to the editors of one of the new digital SF markets, Daily Science Fiction. They are quite an enigma, and I am pleased to shed a little light on the people who put some flash SF in my inbox every weekday morning.

Henry Cribbs has taken my idea of focusing on short fiction and has run away with it. For this month’s column he took the 3rd edition of The Year’s Best Science Fiction with stories from 1985, and examined theme of ‘recall’ which was present in a number of the stories. We are fortunate to have such a quality SF scholar on board here at Redstone. All his essays are excellent, but this may be my favorite so far.

The surreal cityscape for our cover this month was done by Cassondra Link. She does a great job and consistently provides us with quality work (sometimes on very short notice).

Although we publish during the first few days of the month, we are always active online at http://facebook.com/redstonesf and http://twitter.com/redstonesf. Add us to your lists, discuss our magazine, ask us questions, and let us know what you think.

As always, we hope you find something in this month’s Redstone SF that you enjoy.

Your friend,
Michael Ray
Redstone SF

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