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Editor’s Note – March 2011

I love editing Redstone Science Fiction.  I get to work with two close friends, Paul Clemmons and Cassondra Link.  We get to  spend a lot of time reading and discussing science fiction and making this whole thing work.   I’ve interacted with many of the leading figures in modern science fiction and even published stories from several of them.

And this month we have the pleasure of publishing two stories that are simply outstanding. When we started reading Lavie Tidhar’s The Hubbard Continuum among our submissions, there was a flurry of emails and texts. “Read this now!” was the gist.  It takes the reader in a completely different direction from where one would expect a story about Scientology to go.  Glimpses of  the greats of our science fiction pantheon make it even better.   It is simply more fun than human beings should be allowed to have.  In our second story, First Light, Patrick Lundrigan taps into what many of us are looking for when we read science fiction:  space exploration and what we might find. The story speculates that we may not even be able to fathom what we find when we finally get out there.  He captures the mundane, the life-threatening, and the awe-inspiring all together in a tight package.

Henry Cribbs is an outstanding science fiction critic and we’re glad to have him working with us at Redstone SF. I’m excited that he accepted my challenge to focus on short fiction over the course of several months.  He has examined the themes in ’80’s cyberpunk, considered the decades covered in Gardner Dozois ‘Best of the Best’ Anthology, focused on the theme of memory in the 1985 Dozois anthology, and now in this month’s essay he examines an anthology of the best stories of the recent past.  Henry’s work has thoughtfully discussed many of the themes that are at the heart of science fiction, and this month’s essay is another thought-provoking piece.

We have a very do-it-yourself ethos at Redstone SF. From the website, to the graphic design, to the finances, we set out to do what it takes to make this a quality outfit on our own. What we have discovered is that so many people, in the field and among our friends, were more than willing to help.  The support we have gotten this first year has been tremendous. It has made the work go smoothly.

This past month we asked for an assist in underwriting an expansion of our ‘new word count’ for our spring issues, so that we could publish two full-length new stories each month. The response to our Kickstarter project has been overwhelming.  There is actually over a week left to pledge support as I’m writing this on March 1st, and we have already reached the minimum necessary to receive the funding – just amazing.   I have the honor of listing here the backers who all made substantial pledges of support to Redstone SF and our publishing efforts.

The Friends of Redstone SF (thus far)
CB Ash
Sandy McConnell Athey
Chad Sessions
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
Flying Pen Press
Sarah Einstein
Jennifer Brozek
Bart Lieb
Jim Isbell
Kelsey Gower
David Alastair Hayden
Nathan Dodge
Robert Hampson
Mandy & Michael Mendez (love)

Can’t thank all of you enough.

As always, we here at Redstone SF hope that you find something in this issue that you enjoy.

Your Friend,
Michael Ray
Redstone SF

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