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Editor’s Note – July 2011

And I quote Bob Howe, Secretary of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, “Congratulations: the Board of Directors has voted to list Redstone as a qualifying market for short fiction.”


We are pleased to be recognized by the SFWA as a pro market, but even more pleased for our authors. For many of them their sale to us will allow them to become Associate or Active Members in the major organization in our field, and we are excited for them. We put in the work to get RSF online, but we all know that it pales in comparison to the work each author puts into every story. We’re glad we have played a part in the growing success of many fine writers.

We have two more excellent stories for you this month.

Morgan Dempsey is a young writer who really impressed us with her story, The Memory Gatherer. This dystopian story of a young woman’s reaction to her harsh life shook us up a bit. And we like that.

Our second story, 0wnz0red by Cory Doctorow, completes the ‘trilogy’ of stories that I wanted to see reprinted in Redstone SF*. This story really drew me into the world of modern short science fiction and introduced me to Cory Doctorow’s work. It is exactly the sort of story I love – using technology to hack our bodies and potentially change everything. I hope that by publishing it here we will encourage a new generation of readers to give it a read. People often ask me what sort of stories I enjoy. Read this and you’ll know.

Our second summer contest with Sarah Einstein is in full swing. Take a break from working on your story and read her outstanding craft essay about revising your work, Breaking Heinlein’s Third Rule. Trust me, you’ll enjoy (and likely benefit from) this one. We’re so pleased to have Sarah back on board this summer. She finished her MFA and is moving on to one of the nation’s most prestigious writing programs at Ohio University.

Our man Cribbs brings us another excellent essay as well. Some people seem to think that this summer’s blockbuster movie, “Cowboys and Aliens” is a unique idea. It’s a fun idea for sure, but there is nothing new under the sun. Henry turns his literary eye onto several ‘Weird West’ stories and let’s us know what it’s all about.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope that you’ll find something here in #14 to enjoy.

Michael Ray
Redstone SF

* 0wnz0red by Cory Doctorow, His Master’s Voice by Hannu Rajaniemi, and Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359? by Ken MacLeod were probably my three favorite stories of the last ten years, and we have now had the great pleasure of bringing them all to you in RSF. ~MR

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