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Editor’s Note – June 2011

Year two is off to a hot start. Two tremendous stories this month & two excellent essays (and a contest).

Chris Miller’s An Infallible System of Roulette has been in our back pocket all year & we are pleased to finally bring it to you. This story, along with last year’s Michelangelo’s Chisel are two mind-expanding short stories that you must simply read and let wash over you. He is a relative unknown but these stories show that he has an immense talent.

Angela Ambroz is another emerging talent in the SF field. She has published and a couple of stories in her Dropverse world, and we are excited about the one she sent us. It has perhaps the best story title I have seen in our inbox, Love and Anarchy and Science Fiction. Political science fiction is so often about the argument and not about the story, which is not the case here. The story is harsh and heartbreaking and you can see the truth in it. You’ll love it (which is why we picked it of course).

The essays this month are exceptional. Henry Cribbs takes his critical eye to the heart of literature, Shakespeare, and reminds us of how influential the Bard’s work has been on the world of science fiction – Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On: Shakespeare and SciFi.

This month we welcome back our friend, Sarah Einstein, with another challenging essay and contest prompt. What will identity mean in a future where it is completely mutable? She examines this question in Identity Crisis: Who are we, if we can choose who we are? and brings us a new contest for this summer. Read her essay and send us a work that addresses the questions she raises. Can’t wait to hear from you.

We have had a great time doing Redstone SF in year one and want to thank everyone in the field who has helped us. We plan to bring you a lot more quality science fiction in year two to pay you all back.

We’re confident you’ll find something here worth reading.

your friend,
Michael Ray

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