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Editor’s Note – August 2011

We’ve had a fun summer here at Redstone. We’ve published some excellent stories & essays and we’ve achieved our initial goal of being an SFWA qualifying market. We’re still smiling.

We have had a lot of people contribute to our efforts here, and no one has been more important to our show than Henry (Hank) Cribbs. He contributed a quality essay of science fiction criticism for every one of our first fourteen issues. Outstanding stuff. At least one of his essays has been discussed as the basis for a literary journal article. His goal was to make it through the first year with one article a month. While we focused on the fiction, Hank covered the literary criticism bases with aplomb. He’s taken a little time off to work on a massive project, but he’ll be back with us soon.

Another person we want to make sure to thank is Sarah Einstein. We are in the homestretch of our second summer contest with Sarah. (Submissions close on 8/15/2011). She has been a great contributor to and supporter of our magazine. She has written excellent essays for us, and the contests Sarah has guest-edited for us have drawn a great deal of attention to Redstone SF. The encouragement she has given me as a writer and as an editor have been invaluable. She starts a Ph.D. program this fall in one of the nation’s preeminent Creative Non-Fiction programs. Thanks, Sarah.

You can find all their work in our reorganized Non-Fiction Section.

Our stories this month are both top-notch, and are very different. Vaporware is a sociological scifi story that examines something we may well see in the future, projecting how one’s children might turn out. It is both heartwrenching and encouraging, somehow. Evoë! Evoë! by Rob Pritchard is a mesmerizing story. It is as close to a fantasy story as we’ll go, and we hope you are as overwhelmed when you read it as we were.

I had the good fortune of quizzing several of our recent authors about their stories and about what they are up to both online and out there, you know, in the “real” world. Check out the outstanding insights we got from Mishell Baker, Morgan Dempsey, Angela Ambroz, and Patty Jansen. I was quite impressed at the excellent answers to my often smart-ass questions. Give them a look.

Thanks for your support of Redstone Science Fiction. As always, we hope you find something here that you enjoy.

Your friend,
Michael Ray
Redstone SF

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