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Editor’s Note – September 2011

Thanks for dropping by Redstone SF. We’re excited to have two excellent stories to bring you this month.

Our Identity Crisis Contest, guest-edited by Pushcart Prize-Winning author Sarah Einstein, received numerous quality submissions, but everyone involved agreed that The Jenny, written by newcomer Cheryl Rydbom, was the best story among a quality bunch. Its near-future of pervasive computing and control of our behavior is disturbing in its premise, but encouraging in its execution.

Our second story, The Day the Pod Landed by Jeff Cross, is a cool mix of corporate expansion, design, and mech warfare.  It is simply a lot of fun.

We always have a great time working through our submissions, but as our exposure has grown, so has our slushpile. We have had the good fortune of adding an experienced editor to our staff, Mary Ann Locke. She has taken on the role of slushreader with a vengeance and we can’t thank her enough.

We’ll have an essay from Sarah Einstein this month as well, giving us her impressions from this year’s contest experience.

Give these two stories a read. You’ll be glad you did.

Your friend,
Michael Ray
Redstone SF

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