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Editor’s Note – October 2011

Welcome back! This month we have two outstanding short stories to share with you.

When we read iTime by Ferrett Steinmetz, we knew right away that we were going to be publishing it. Paul Clemmons, our publisher, has a ridiculous ‘no time travel’ stance (that we consistently ignore) and even he loved this one. What if you had a personal time travel device with a ‘limited range’? How would you use it to improve your life? Would it really? This is an excellent story that you will be glad you read. When you’re done, you may need to go back in time and read it again, just to be sure.

Our second story, How We Fall by Andrew Knighton, takes on two science fiction & fantasy concepts that you don’t usually see together: angels and military/mech SF. He deftly creates a very human dilemma that elevates the story and challenges the reader. Not to be missed.

We had a great time over the summer with our Identity Crisis Contest and working with Sarah Einstein. We want to again thank Sarah for her hard work on the RSF summer contests. You can find her online on twitter @SarahEMC2 and at http://hilltrash.wordpress.com

Paul and I, along with Cassondra & Mary Ann, were able to attend Con*Stellation in Huntsville, Alabama. A couple of us got to actually meet our contest winner, Cheryl Rydbom, who is as charming in person as her story, “The Jenny,” was on paper.

We are bereft of non-fiction, which will happen now and again, but with us as with Shakespeare, the play’s the thing.

Your friend,
Michael Ray


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