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Editor’s Note – November 2011

Welcome to Redstone Science Fiction #18.

This month we have two excellent new stories for RSF. Passive Resistance by David Tallerman is a tense adventure SF story that subtly considers the nature of violence. We’ve worked to have a broad range of stories for RSF and were excited to find such an excellent example of this style in our inbox.

Our second story this month, On the Sabbath Day Be Ye Cleansed by Amanda C. Davis, as another outstanding piece. It considers religion, colonization, and the impact of technological advance in a tightly written package. We have enjoyed her other work, including a runner-up submission in our summer contest, and are pleased to have the chance to bring you this one. We hope that after reading it that you feel as unclean as we did.

We also have Five Question interviews with both of our authors and they have provided us with some insightful answers that should illuminate them and their work just a little for you.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our magazine, so this month, in addition to our new stories and author interviews, we begin podcasting our catalog of Redstone Science stories. Amanda Fitzwater is working with us as a vocal artist. Together we’re working together to create audio versions of all of our stories. This month we’ll podcast Freefall by Peter Roberts and Raising Tom Chambers by Daniel Powell.

We are having a great time doing Redstone SF and enjoy all the interactions we have with people in the SF field. We open to submissions again this month and look forward to reading work from another (large) group of SF authors.

Your Friend,
Michael Ray
Redstone SF

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