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Editor’s Note – March 2012

As is often the case here at Redstone, we feel like we are catching this month’s writers on the rise. Both Michaele Jordan and Lynette Mejía presented us with quality science fiction stories that we are excited to publish. They both demonstrate storytelling ability that will, no doubt, lead them to find success in their writing careers. We expect to see many more stories from them published in the coming months and years.

I Will Love You Forever by Michaele Jordan considers many traditional SF themes, including human-robot interaction and what planet colonization might be like, while Steady State by Lynette Mejía is a heartbreaking take on the SF ideas of the solitary space traveler and a black hole’s event horizon. We think you will enjoy them both. Both authors. Michaele & Lynette, also generously submitted to interrogation by our publisher Paul Clemmons. Great questions and answers across the board this month.

We are also excited here at Redstone this month because a local paper has published a story about our growing publishing business here at Redstone SF. We hope the publicity will draw even more attention to the excellent stories we’ve had the privilege to publish. We are particularly pleased with the Bladrunner-esque picture that photographer and filmmaker Jironimo Nisa composed and took for the story.

RSF by Jiro(Photo Copyright: Jeronimo Nisa/Decatur Daily)

If only editing Redstone Science Fiction looked nearly this cool.

But most importantly, enjoy discovering these entertaining stories and emerging authors.

Your Friend,
Michael Ray
Redstone SF


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