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Editor’s Note – April 2012

We are excited to have two returning authors and a new friend in Redstone SF this month.

First, we welcome back Rahul Kanakia, whose first RSF story, Death’s Flag Is Never At Half-Mast, appeared in our August 2010 edition. (I love that story).  He has written another excellent piece, An Early Adoption, which involves, among many other thought-provoking ideas, the concept of constructing, coding really, our own reality and just how real we may want it to be.

Our in-house essayist, Henry Cribbs, returns to Redstone with his usual flair. This month he considers the Disney version of John Carter, Barsoom Busted? The Foibles of Following Fiction with Film, which completes the circuit he began with his essay in RSF #1, Barsoom or Bust!: The Lasting Influence of The Martian Tales – and brings in The Hunger Games for good measure.

Our other story this month is a compelling piece, Men and Their Toy by Jacob A. Boyd. We receive submissions involving assassins or sexbot androids or gangsters and certainly involving revenge. But Jacob puts them all together in heart-wrenching fashion. Read this one, you’ll be glad you did.

The code on the cover, by the way, spells out Redstone Science Fiction in binary. I was quite pleased with myself over that one.


Your friend,

Michael Ray


Redstone SF

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