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Editor’s Note – May 2012


Paul and I enjoy a broad range of science fiction (and fantasy) stories. Two of the most important ideas I enjoy seeing explored are human expansion into space and the increased interaction between humans and computer/communication technology. Our stories this month take a look in those directions.

We did not get the transportation revolution that science and science fiction suggested in my youth. We can see the exo-planets now, but we are not getting there any time soon – the distances are just so vast. We are unlikely to experience interstellar space. But we might get to Mars. The idea of terraforming Mars and expanding our civilization there is something that seems within our grasp. In Imagine Cows on Mars Matthew Bennardo takes a hard look at what frontier life on Mars might be like. As a historian, the idea of a new frontier, not too dissimilar from the American frontier is quite appealing. Matthew does a great job considering what it might be like.

We did, however, have a communications revolution beyond our wildest dreams. It is easy even for modern adults to forget a world of telephone directories, almanacs, and the nightly news. Our access to info and each other is so natural now. But what dangers does this access to each other hold? When we become closely enmeshed with our tools and our data, what could happen to us? In his story, Into Place Alter Reiss does a tremendous job of examining one dangerous avenue we might wander down.

This is the end of our second year publishing Redstone Science Fiction. We’ve had a great time getting these quality stories the attention they deserve and look forward to bringing you more in the future.

Your friend,
Michael Ray
Redstone Science Fiction


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2 Chris { 05.04.12 at 9:29 am }

Hey don’t give up on deep space travel, Michael. Once we (or our sentient “machines”) crack the whole light speed thing, we’ll get there. We just need to amp up the evolution of consciousness a bit more before tackling those distances.